Mission, Vision and Strategy

19/04/2017 09:15


1. Mission

- Hai Chau Confectionery Joint Stock Company carries out the mission of cooperation, connecting with partners and participating in the global production and consumption chain.

- Creating competitive advantages with modern business methods, advanced technology, and realize the goal "The leading Vietnamese enterprise in the region".


2. Vision

    Developing the brand "New Hai Chau, new level" - focusing on resources investment and competitiveness. Continuing to affirm Hai Chau as "Golden quality", paying special attention to develop high quality resources and building a company environment of "creativity, speed and professionalism".


3. Development strategy to 2025

    Implementing the restructuring strategy for the period of 2018 - 2020 and 2021 - 2025, the Company focuses on resources development, including:Invest in large-scale production plants in strategic locations, the Company's total capacity as of June 2019 is 70,400 tons, of which bakery products: 25,528 tons/year, candy products: 540 tons/year, jelly products: 900 tons/year, seasoning products: 43,432 tons/year), Invests in equipment and advanced technology from Europe and Japan, Organize professional production and sales system, Develop human resource and internal control to create delicious products with high nutritional value to serve the needs of modern life such as cookies, crackers, wafers, soft cakes, bread, croissant, premium mooncakes and Hong Kong lava cakes, drinks and jelly.

    Hai Chau also focuses on developing a professional sales system, opening up retail market in 63 provinces of the country and bringing the Company's products into modern sales system such as supermarket, hypermarkets and convenient stores. Hai Chau's products are diversified, delicious in taste, eye-catching packaging and multi-specification to meet all the needs of customers. With the brand name "Hai Chau Golden quality ", Hai Chau is gradually exporting confectionery and seasoning spices to the region and the world.